As sweet as Candi


Ever since I found out about Candice Swanepoel, every magazine cover or campaign that she is featured on, I am in absolute awe. She just works as a model.

Famously known for being one of Victoria’s Secret models, the title every girl aspires to hold including myself however one can only dream, the South African born beauty is plastered on billboards and adverts around the world.

Her status keeps on growing, having already bagged herself the cover of VOGUE Brazil and ELLE UK, Candice is no stranger to the fashion industry. Having recently walked for Alexander Wang at New York Fashion week 2014, this girl just doesn’t seem to stop.

Her porfolio includes beauty campaigns as well as high end fashion such as Versace and Tom Ford. So why can’t we all get paid to prance around in bikinis and be photographed all day? We just can’t, unless you have any resemblance to someone like Candice.

It would be a happy world if everyone got paid to look good and eat right.

She must be doing something right, having been the ‘chosen one’ by Victoria’s Secret to walk down the runway in the $10m Fantasy bra in 2013.

The 25year old told the huffington post ‘Tim kind of introverted, so sometimes it’s hard for me when people recognise me’ she also added that before the catwalk she constantly worries about falling over on stage wearing heels and not much else.

While girls around the world, including myself, find it hard to believe that a model as successful as Candice can be nervous, its clear that she does what she does best and gets it right, and deserves to rightfully so.

Candice is never involved in bad press and maintains a good image, this sets a good example for young girls to aspire to, despite being an underwear model. The angelic model carries a good aura about her, no surprise being one of the most famous supermodels in the industry.

I’m intrigued as to what else Candice will have under her belt as this model doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

– Jessica Penfold


article-0-19656B2800000578-531_634x891(Images from Google and Dailymail)

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