Dolce and Gabbana AW14 Collection

This winter, D&G is taking us to a magical forest. The catwalk show was filled with woodland creatures such as owls and squirrels and it’s all about going for “Little Red Riding Hood” chic.

There were a number of themes throughout the show, the first was a mythical fairytale where D&G recreated the classic Little Red Riding Hood poncho with owls, squirrels and tree branches. What’s interesting is that the ponchos have sleeves, which give it an edge, but it’s all about the hoods. Look out for coats with furry hoods which would be great for bad hair days!

00030h_304x456 00180h_304x456(Photos taken from

I love the Medieval theme that took over the second half of the show. The designs really portray the trademark D&G Italian vibe with the rich, detailed, embellished designs. Usually, D&G uses a lot of gold, deep reds and emeralds but in this collection they’ve brought back black and silver! The silver enhances the frame of the dresses and adds a more frosty feel to the collection which is perfect for winter! It’s important to notice that the tops are covered with very fine details while they’re paired with shorts in order for tops to stand out even more. Even the accessories are fully crusted with jewels such as long, finger cut out gloves and clutch bags.

00740h_304x456 00770h_304x456(Photos taken from

-Lola Ameri



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