We’re Back!

Hey you lovely people! First and foremost, we want to thank you all for the support you gave us when we ran our blog for a week as part of our uni assignment! We didn’t think we would get as many views as we got so we’ve decided to start up the blog again!

We want to take this chance to introduce ourselves properly and let you know what to expect from our blog.

I’m Lola(the brunette) and I’m very bad at writing about myself! I’m a ’94 kid studying journalism but I actually want to become a stylist. Other than having a love for fashion, I enjoy other things such as reading (whenever I get the time), painting, designing, going out, trying new restaurants, travelling, meeting new people, making videos, photography blah blah blah. I also run a newly made blog called Humans of London, with a friend and you can find that by searching it on Facebook and clicking the like button!
You can find me here:
Instagram: yeganehameri
Twitter: @yeganehameri
Personal blogs: http://lolaameri.wordpress.com/
http://fashionwithlola.tumblr.com/ (this is literally just all the pics of me from this blog, however I’m hoping to style some people and add the photos to my blog as a portfolio of my work)

I’m Jessica (the blonde) however most people refer to me as Jess. I am also studying Journalism along with Lola and I hope to end up as a fashion journalist/Stylist. I love fashion magazines and clothes so this is perfect for me. I have my own fashion blog where I post outfit posts and all things fashion, http://styleinllondon.blogspot.co.uk. I love to express myself through clothing and I love knowing all about the latest trends, I love seeing people express their personalities through clothing as well.
Instagram: Jessicapenf
Twitter: @Jesspenfold

What to expect from us?
We don’t want to be your usual blog where we just post pictures of us in pretty outfits everyday. No. Instead we’ve got other things planned such as Trending Tuesdays where we will keep you posted with the trends that are around. Who said throwback Thursdays is only for Instagram? Every Thursday we’re taking you guys back to a trend or style that used to be around. Don’t know enough about designers? Don’t panic! Every Saturday we’re giving you a lil bit of info about a designer, whether they’re well known, or new, or whether they’re dead or alive, we’re going to make sure you know a bit about the creators behind brands. We gathered that you’re all a fan of the Street Style section so that’s defo coming back!

There’s many more things we have planned and with your support we can keep this blog running smoothly. We would love for you guys to comment on posts or share them to your social networking sites and let us know what you think of the blog.


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