Throwing it back!

Lately, i’ve found myself looking at fashion trends and what bloggers are wearing and thinking, hang on wasn’t that in fashion years ago and now its come back? For this Throwback thursday, one trend that has stuck out particularly recently that used to be raged about years ago are the Birkenstock sandals. These can also be called ‘sliders’ which is what ASOS call them or ‘mules’ but they are pretty much just slip on sandals.

Years ago they were more popular amongst older women for comfort but now fashion bloggers all around the world are wearing these comfortable sandals and brands are even starting to make dupes too. They come in many different styles and range in prices starting from £40 all the way up to £130 depending on the type of material, real leather obviously being more expensive. I remember having a pair of these when I was younger in white with a double strap and my sister went through a few pairs throughout her teens and still wears them now. Not only bloggers but celebrities have started wearing them too, I recently saw that the Olsen twins were both wearing a black pair with socks, an interesting combination however I do think they work together you’ll be surprised to know. Fashion and style is all about taking risks after all. These sandals are obviously very comfortable and I think they can look really good if styled correctly. They look effortlessly chic and can be worn with pretty much everything. Office in the UK sell the official Birkenstocks however shops such as River Island, H&M and Zara have started selling sandals really similar. The official Birkenstocks are made in Germany and have made a pretty big comeback, I’m sure this trend will continue into summer when they can be worn without socks so much more fit for there purpose. birks1 birks2 birks4 birks5 birks6 birks7 birks8 birks9 Here is a link to the official Birkenstocks being sold by Office.

Here is a link to a beautiful pair of mule sliders by River Island in a silver metallic material. They have them in a few colours also.

I also know that H&M are selling a matte black crossover pair but they aren’t on the website yet unfortunately.

– Jess Penfold.

3 thoughts on “Throwing it back!

  1. lol seems like everyone are the same.. used to have a pair and now buying another pair.
    But it is a great investment anyway. Just love Birkenstocks ! Good post!


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