‘Dressing well is a form of good manners’ Tom Ford

For this designer bio, I decided that I wanted to look more in depth into Tom Ford. I recently done some modelling for the fashion design students at my university and whilst walking in the final show, I was completely unaware that Tom Ford was amongst the panel viewing the collections of clothes we had to model down the runway in.  I was definitely a little starstruck to say the least.

Mr Ford has taken the fashion world by storm its fair to say, originally starting off at Gucci and then also Yves Saint Laurent, before moving on to create the brand which is today known as TOM FORD. His interviews will surprise you as this man with humble beginnings talks about the future and that he will always regret leaving Gucci the way he did.


Tom Ford was born in Texas in 1962 and studied interior architecture at Parsons school of design until 1986.

Tom Ford joined Gucci in 1990. After Gucci bought a controlling stake in Yves Saint Laurent, Ford was appointed creative director and communications director of YSL’s ready-to-wear business, while continuing to design for Gucci. In 2004, Ford parted with Gucci after failing to agree with bosses over the creative control of the group. He subsequently launched his fashion empire, Tom Ford – first with menswear, beauty, eyewear, and then both men’s and women’s accessories.

He admits to sleeping just two or three hours per night – keeping Post-It notes beside the bed in case he wakes up with an idea. “I’m lucky, I have mass-market tastes,” he says. “When I say I like a shoe, generally thousands of people will like it.” Ford’s ultimate sign of approval came from his mother, who was heard to demand her YSL discount card after watching his first runway show for the house.


Ford admitted that he doesn’t like dressing stars for the oscars, The designer went on to say that, unlike creating his collections, he has little creative influence when it comes to making a red-carpet gown. Previous actresses to have worn his designs for the grand ceremony include Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway. “It’s a bubble of Fifties Barbie clothes,” he said. “It’s quite different from what real people are really wearing.” I do not know about you but this makes me respect Tom Ford so much more as a designer, his down to earth interviews are a joy to read and many of them can be found online.

“I thrive on failure,” Ford said. “I thrive on things that are not perfect. It sends me back into the ring to get it right.” And it seems things are going right since Ford – who sold his Andy Warhol self-portrait for $32.6 million in 2010 to help finance his growing label – is about to become fashion’s newest billionaire.”By early 2014, if we continue to meet our business plan, we will hit one billion dollars [a year] at retail of Tom Ford products,” he told The Business of Fashion. “That’s all the products together: eyewear, fragrance, cosmetics, ready-to-wear, men’s and women’s accessories. A billion dollars of product with the label Tom Ford on it will be selling at retail.”

I’m interested to see what else Tom Ford can come up with on top of his very popular products that exist today. Who is your favourite designer?

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(Quotes from vogue.com)

– Jess Penfold


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