Trending Tuesdays: Neoprene!

The neoprene trend is out in full swing this spring/summer and many shops are using this material to make everything from skirts to bags. I know Alexander Wang has created many items in his collection which are neoprene and now high street stores are catering to this popular trend. Not only this but brands have been combining neoprene with other materials such as faux leather and mesh to create a mix of materials that work really well once combined. The simplest way to describe neoprene if you haven’t seen/heard/felt it before is its very similar to what scuba divers wear but not as thick, almost like a rubbery material. I happen to have a few neoprene items in my wardrobe that ill be wearing a lot this summer however the items I own are not too thick so suitable for the warmer weather.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.36.16


Here I put together a complete neoprene outfit and also a two piece, you wouldn’t think some of the items are neoprene by looking at them until you actually see them and feel the distinctive material. I also found this white neoprene blazer by Lanvin which I thought would look perfect for a summers evening going for drinks when it gets a little more chilly at night. Obviously the two piece and the blazer together might be too much neoprene however items do vary in thickness. The only way to describe the material is it reminds me of what scuba divers wear but a lot thinner because the neoprene items I have are very thin although I’ve noticed that higher end brands trend to make thicker items. I am on the search for the perfect two-piece for summer and this one above from Milly, sold on Net-a-porter is perfect because of its bright colours and floral design. Here is an OOTD from my personal blog of me wearing a neoprene skirt.


Jess Penfold


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