Throwback Thursday! We’ll Be Burning Up Like Neon Lights!

I’ve always been in love with the 80s. The style, the music, the hairstyles, I love it all. What I also love is that everything in fashion repeats itself so styles from “back in the day” become all hip and trendy again.

Guess whats back? (well the title gave it away) NEON! The first place I think of is Forever21, they always have neon clothing in their summer collection, whether it’s in or not.
In the 80s neon was mainly incorporated in gym clothes, however, being the era that it was, they did sometimes go crazy by wearing everything neon in one go and Madonna whipping out neon tutus in her videos.
(photos from Tumblr)

Now that the look is back, it’s also used a lot in gym wear such as neon crop tops or neon trainers. However, when styling neon, I recommended you don’t do what the 80s did.

Tips to avoid looking like a highlighter: 

Keep it to one colour. Don’t start clashing neon yellow and green, thinking it looks good. No. You’ll just look like a fluorescent lemon.
Make sure you only wear one item that’s neon. Keep it simple, either wear neon shoes, or a neon skirt, or a neon crop top.
When in doubt, wear it with a leather jacket. 
Don’t even think about buying neon leg warmers…or any kind of leg warmers at all.
If you’re not brave enough, keep the neon restricted to accessories. You can now find neon watches, necklaces and cool geometric fluorescent earrings.
tumblr_n4dpkkg6w51sgrtglo1_500tumblr_moe8wgbwDF1rh4lbfo1_500tumblr_mak4awTcqR1qkuwl1o1_500tumblr_mnt9ornit11rvzcmso1_400(photos from Tumblr)

-Lola Ameri.


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