Michael Costello! Watch This Space!

Right, he’s not as famous as Tom Ford (yet), so I had to search a bit to find out about him. I first discovered Michael Costello on Instagram, when reality TV star/model Lilly Ghalichi posted a photo wearing a stunning gown and had tagged Costello in it. It was from there that I became obsessed with this new designer.

The 29 year old got mentioned in Vogue at the age of 14, for creating a couture collection with an L.A fashion show production company. He taught himself how to sew, drape and draw. (Bless him!)
A year later, he opened up a boutique in Palms Springs and started an internship with Bob Mackie.
He then later on went on the fashion TV show, “Project Runway” which made him more famous amongst fans. This fame, led more celebrities to recognise his designs. In 2009, he presented his first collection at LA Fashion Week and then continued to design and publicise his designs via Instagram.


The openly gay designer has designed for: Toni Braxton, Paris Hilton, Mary J. Bilge, Nicole Richie, Lindsy Lohan, Celine Dion, Lilly Ghalichi and many others. However, the most rememberable celebrity that rocked his sheer white lace gown this year on the red carpet, was Beyoncé.

Costello’s designs remind me of my favourite designer- Elie Saab. All his designs reflect the same kind of femininity as Saab’s designs with the flowing dresses, however, Costello uses more plain fabric, whereas Saab uses more detailed materials. With the way his fame is looking, soon enough, we will be seeing a lot more of Michael Costello Couture designs on red carpets and stores such as Selfridges. You have my support Costello, keep up the good work!

If anyone reading this, is rich enough to afford his dresses, check out his website. If you’re like me and have to sell a kidney in order to afford them, it’s still worth a browse.

Lola Ameri.

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