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Jelly on my feet, jelly on my feet, wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on my feet!
Who would’ve ever thought, the horrible jelly shoes that your mum made you wear during the summer when you were 3, would make a comeback?! And guess what? I’m LOVING them! (For those who are literally imagining a pair of shoes made out of jelly, please, take a moment to re-evaluate your life, and then look at the photos below.)


Ok firstly, lets talk about what they’re made of and when they popped up! So according to Wikipedia (not a reliable source, I know, but for a quick research, it will do), they came about in the late 1980s (but as I remember, they were still very IN, in the 1990s as well) and back then they were worth around $1. SAAAAYYY WHUUUT?! Now they’re ridiculous prices, like £30.
They’re made from PVC plastic and are usually mixed with glitter. Due to it being made from PVC, it’s cheap to make but is also long lasting.

They now come in so many different colours, shapes and designs. I found this site where the materials are sourced in England (keep it close to home) and the materials are recycled so you’re also helping the environment by recycling your old pair when it gets old! They have a huge range of styles and colours so it’s worth checking out!

The only issue with jelly shoes is that they can sometimes come across as uncomfortable. The heel itself is very comfy, but in the summer, if your feet sweat, they can become irritating and unbearable. HOWEVER, thanks to the fashion world, it IS acceptable to wear them with socks!
Ok before you start getting your socks out, take these tips into consideration:

Go and buy yourself some funky ankle socks. And yes, pizza printed socks are acceptable. Topshop and Urban Outfitters are great for this.
Do not match your shoes with your socks. By this, I mean, if you have a pair of white jelly shoes, don’t wear them with plain white ankle socks. Go crazy! Wear them with glittery pink ones or the pizza printed ones we both know you desperately want to wear.
-Usually the heeled jelly shoes are better with socks than the others so be careful when deciding on wearing socks or not.

Lola Ameri.


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