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Whilst it is getting sunnier and warmer here in London, we still get days where it isn’t so hot and sunny and so wearing a jacket is still necessary. Jackets are pretty much still a must throughout the year in the UK. Recently I have been loving Bomber jackets and they are definitely in this spring/summer because so many people are wearing them and so many shops are starting to sell them again. I have a few myself and so thought it would be a good idea to share some inspiration.

Bomber jackets are great because they can be bought in different sizes and styles for different fits depending on the look you are going for. They also come in many patterns and colours to suit everyone. The patterned bomber jackets are bang on trend this summer and look great with pretty much anything, I love wearing all black or white with my jackets so all the attention falls onto the jacket, but then you can also mix it up if you want too.

I recently purchased a bomber jacket from Topshop that I love and will be featured in an upcoming outfit post. I also have a couple of black bomber jackets from Urban Outfitters in different materials which I haven’t worn since winter as they are black however I’m inspired to start wearing them again as everyone seems to be wearing bomber jackets now and they look really good. These pictures are all from Tumblr which is where I get a lot of my inspiration from and so if you need any inspiration of ways to wear this type of jacket then check out the pictures below.

bomber2 bomber3 bomber1 bomber6 bomber5 bomber4


I really like this last picture of Kylie Jenner and how she has styled the bomber jacket which is actually a Topshop one and retails at £55. This is still available on the topshop website and can also be purchased in black.


Jess Penfold


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