Throwback Thursday!

I know they’re still around but remember when patterned leggings first came about? I’m talking about a couple of years ago when they popped back into our lives.
Honestly, I hate them. I don’t understand why fashion thinks they’re acceptable.
I guess they were created to make boring outfits stand out and to create curves on those size zero models. I also guess that it’s acceptable for some petite people to wear them since their thighs can pull it off more than, erm, mine can.
However, I still think they need to be destroyed.
1) The patterns aren’t even nice. Yes, we all love a bit of Aztec, but it’s nice on bags, play suits, denim short pockets….not leggings. What’s even worse is when some people clash patterns, so they wear patterned leggings with a patterned top. Err no. Just no.

2) Yes, they create curves and we love that. But again, when you have big thighs, like myself, please stay away from them. They just make them look even bigger. Petite people, you can get away with it.

3) Patterned leggings tend to usually be made from thin material. You know how there’s two type of leggings, right? Ones that are so thin that you can see your underwear. The other type is just nice thicker ones, that can sometimes get too hot to wear on a nice day out. Yeah well, with patterned leggings, the thin material stretches when you sit so the pattern looks deformed and washed out.

4) They’ve been chavy-fied. They should just be banned.

If you do wear them, great for you! Hope you can pull them off! If you don’t like them, please share a comment!

(All photos were gathered from Tumblr search)

Lola Ameri


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