To Tommy, From Zooey.

Imagine partying with Hilfiger and then he proposes the idea of you designing a collection with him. Yeah well, you’re not that lucky (sorry) but hey, Zooey Deschanel is!
She teamed up with the Tommy Hilfiger team and after a year of working together, they released the collection in April this year.
tumblr_n6267rzjKO1r1h4lbo1_500(Zooey Deschanel and the designer himself)

Excuse me? Why was this not all over magazines?! I only found out about it after reading June’s issue of Glamour magazine which made it sound like the collection isn’t even out yet by stating the article as a “an exclusive peek at their new collection”.
Also, can I just point out to Glamour magazine, if you’re going to write “exclusive peek” then your readers are expecting something that isn’t out yet so therefore, by writing “collection is available from April 14” means you have just contradicted yourself.
Anyway, personally, I believe no news is “old news” if you haven’t heard it yet.
The collection is based around Zooey’s love for 60s fashion but with a nautical theme (well, since Tommy’s classic colours are red, blue and white, anything they create has a nautical vibe to it) which is perfect for summer. I love how plain yet adorable the designs are! The cuts on the dresses are fairly simple and so are the fabrics, yet the collection somehow stands out.
tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o1_500tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o2_500tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o4_500tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o5_500tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o6_500tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o7_500tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o8_500tumblr_n3vz6eiR8y1r6fp95o9_500(The whole collection)

Zooey sported her collection throughout the season finale of “New Girl” as a sneak peek for the fans (Glamour mag, learn from her) and Taylor Swift was spotted, apparently leaving the gym wearing a dress from the collection. Am I the only person who thinks that Taylor Swift always walks out of the gym looking fab, as if she hasn’t worked a sweat at all? Whilst the rest of us (well not me, I’m too lazy to move) stumble out of the gym with messy hair and sweat marks.
tumblr_n59qxmAwNI1rq8uv8o1_1280(Psht, Swift, come on! We all know you just went and sat in the gym’s cafeteria)

Anyway, back to the collection, I believe that only Zooey herself can pull off ALL her designs. After all, they were designed and inspired by her. The only thing I would pick a bone at, is the cut of the dresses. They all seem to be created around petite women. The straight cuts wouldn’t be as flattering on a woman with curves. But hey, if you’ve got curves and can rock 60s dresses, I will have so much respect for you. Overall, very cute collection. My favourite pieces would probably be the bags, tennis dress (see below) and the red and white dress (see below). Well done Zooey!
tumblr_n069l6BzVm1t1njtwo1_500tumblr_n3gwt5ugL71r6p0y1o1_500(All photos were grabbed from Tumblr search)

Lola Ameri.


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