Trending Tuesdays!

Right, I know usually we keep you posted of a trend that people are wearing. Well, this time, I decided to update you with a trend that people are sporting! (literally)
The sun is out a lot in the UK recently so everyone is in hot pants and tank tops (most guys are also just roaming around topless…) but it’s also the season where everyone gets a bit sporty. People start bringing out their rollerblades, footballs, bikes, and the new trend: SKATEBOARDS!

Yes yes I know they’ve been around for aaaaaaages but am I the only person who’s noticed how their popularity has increased again over the last couple of years? I mean if Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz go on a cheeky skateboarding date then it’s clearly become the “new thing” amongst young people.

I recently went to an event for a skateboarding collaboration between APN (A Public Nuisance) and the Italian brand 55DSL (basically a spinoff Diesel). (For photos of the collaboration check out their Facebook page or search the hashtag APN on Instagram) The event was held at the awesome Hoxton Gallery and there was music, dancing, drinks and oh, free chips! It was really cool to see so many people interested in skateboarding! If you’re interested in getting a cool, unique, handmade longboard then check out APN! They also do sweats, hoodies, t-shirts and vintage clothing so its worth checking out!
collageI think it’s great when an activity like skateboarding or rollerblading becomes a “thing” as it persuades people to get outside and take part in something that doesn’t result in having their heads in their phones all day. I, myself bought a pennyboard a couple of weeks ago, so I can learn how to skate and I recommend you all start something new thing summer! Whether it’s skateboarding, rollerblading or biking, it’s all becoming “hip” and you can also do them all in style. Dress edgy with a oversized t-shirt, shorts and Vans (if you’re like me and you dislike Vans, put on Converses or slip ons) for skateboarding. Go a bit sporty with leggings, crop top and aviator sunnies for rollerblading. Dress it up girly for cycling with a flowerly summer dress and sandals. Whatever you wear, make your new activity, your accessory.
Send us photos of yourself or with friends skating, rollerblading or cycling? (Find our details in our “abouts” page)

Lola Ameri.


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