Ways to wear black this summer

Who said just because its summer we can’t wear black any more? I think regardless of it getting warmer and sunnier there is still loads of ways to wear black for all those people like myself who like minimal colour in their wardrobe and like to keep everything simple. Typically once it becomes summer everyone trades in their dark coloured winter clothes for patterns and lighter coloured clothing. However there are many ways you can still wear black this summer and heres a few pictures for some inspiration!


You can’t go wrong with black jeans, whether its skinny jeans or mom style jeans these can be worn throughout the year and in summer they look great with crop tops. This sleeveless shirt which India Rose is wearing looks great because the buttons haven’t been done up fully and so shows some individuality in style.

black7(Image from http://imnext.se/victoriatornegren)

This is perfect for summer, once it gets really hot the jacket won’t be needed but the little black dress and platform sandals/heels look perfect together. I have a thing for shoes and sandals like this and I think they look great with so many outfits.

This outfit is perfect for an evening out. The blazer is just over her shoulders which is added just for style and I like doing this myself rather than wearing it properly. The black court heels look great with the mom jeans and simple black tee. An outfit like this is a perfect example of being simple but works and looks so good on.
(Image from Lovelybylucy.com)
Love this oversized t-shirt dress from ASOS. I personally love oversized t-shirt dresses as they are so simple\comfy and look great. Adding some black statement sandals would complete this look because everything else is so casual.
I love this look, although I would rather wear it in the evening because its a little more covered up however there is just enough skin showing with the little bralet crop top. The quilted Chanel bag finishes of the look with some serious style, the peep toe boots are stylish and comfortable because they aren’t too high but give an edgy vibe to the outfit.
Statement heels are EVERYTHING. They can totally transform an outfit. Black statement heels/shoes are a win win because they literally go with everything so I think every girl should own a pair of black heels.
(Image from DailyMail)
I love this black playsuit/jumpsuit/romper that Candice Swanepoel is wearing with the mesh detailing and the belt which has been added to accentuate her small waist.
(All images either from Tumblr, dailymail or blogs as stated under the picture)
Jess Penfold


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