Street Style!

Outside the Condé Nast Publications building, I spotted this young man. His outfit immediately amazed me! And it wasn’t just me that was fascinated by his unique style, everyone else was also turning heads to see his outfit.

His choice of bold patterns is on point with this seasons trend. It’s both summery, as well as leading onto upcoming autumn/winter colours- blues and greys.

It also turns out that he follows our blog and after reading our article on matching pieces, he decided to pull it off himself. It’s usually women who decide to go for matching sets, but this is proof that men, you can do it too!

His baby blue New Balances are like the icing on the cake as they brighten up the whole outfit.

Side note- with those sunnies, I think he could pass as a Robert Pattinson lookalike.

20140616-074427 pm-71067032.jpg

Lola Ameri.


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