Moschino Menswear S/S 2015

Jeremy Scott is back! He showcased his first menswear collection for Moschino on Monday in London and everyone has been talking about it!

I LOVED the previous collection for womenswear with the McDonald themed outfits and accessories but have you seen the menswear collection?….It’s so bad. I don’t understand the thrill about it.

Jeremy Scott himself said that his collection is “poking fun at high fashion and the status quo of consumerism” but erm, I think he took “poking fun” a bit too far. The collection is ridiculous. I understand that sometimes, clashing patterns works well in fashion, but in this case, the outfits look like they’re all over the place.

Which guy would you see wearing these? No honestly, please comment if you know of a guy who would genuinely show up to a date or party in any of these outfits.
The outfit below is pretty clever I guess in the sense that it IS mocking consumerism with the Coca Cola type font across the jacket but there’s just too much going on, for one jacket. I do however like the colour of the trousers and wish more guys wore bright colours in Spring/Summer. The trainers and bag are pretty cool too I guess for jazzing up a simple outfit.

Ok these three are actually hilarious. They look like walking tourist shops, you know, those ones who sell flags and “I Love London” merchandise. I feel like he was inspired by the World Cup but whats the point when this is the S/S2015 collection?! I do however, love the yellow smiley face shoes…

Now lets talk about these two. Firstly, who said it’s ok to wear black and yellow together? Do men want to look like bumblebees? If you are going to wear black and yellow, make sure one colour is worn more than the other and try to add a third colour to the outfit. J.Scott, this is wrong. I like how he decided to be bold and go for a yellow suit, but this would be more suitable for Halloween. I definitely know where the inspiration of the other design came from! The guy looks like he just stepped out of the Netflix drama ‘Orange Is The New Black’. Again, if you want to dress up as a fancy inmate from the show for Halloween, this is the outfit for you!

Jeremy Scott also mentioned that he would like to see ASAP Rocky wearing his designs. Well, I can certainly see him wearing one of these. Theres a more “ghetto” vibe to these three designs. The first one looks like the guy just stepped out of Grand Theft Auto. I do love the bomber jacket and tracksuit bottoms, but not put together. The necklace needs to be thrown away though. I can’t believe how serious the model’s face is with that smiley faced necklace “blinging” up his “abs”. Ok, I’ll admit, I actually like the second outfit. I adore the shoes, however, they strangely make me feel like they belong to someone in a mafia. Honestly, I’m not even going to make a comment about the third outfit. My mind has too much to say about it but I think from just seeing it, you can tell why I won’t even make a comment about it. I feel deeply sorry for the model. Such a pretty face, ruined by an outfit.

For those who think I’m being too harsh, I would just like to explain that this is my personal view on the Moschino menswear S/S 2015 collection and not a attack to the designer or the brand. I am hugely disappointed with the collection but in fashion, anything is possible. The more creative you are, the more bolder you are and the more wild you are, the more artistic your collection becomes. Fashion and art will always play side by side with each other and I think that’s what Jeremy Scott was trying to show.

Lola Ameri.

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