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Jess and I have a bit of a guilty pleasure for H&M! They are improving their collections! Well, to be fair, sometimes their lines aren’t that interesting, other times, I want to buy everything!
Here’s a picture of Jess wearing two items she picked out in H&M. We both fell in love with the white shorts and the detailing on them. They are perfect for this season’s sporty trend as you can dress them up or down. However, we didn’t purchase them because we felt they were too see through. This is the problem with many summer pieces. The materials used are much thinner and may sometimes require you to think wisely about your underwear choice!

We also love the halter neck top. It’s great for girls who want to create more shape around the chest area. However, if you already have enough shape around that area (like myself) it’s best to avoid halter neck crop tops. Instead, try going for jumpsuits or dresses or longer tops with halter necks. I don’t know why, they don’t create the same effect as crop tops do. (Also, please wear them with strapless bras as many people don’t and it just looks baaaaaad.)

20140624-103627 pm-81387930.jpg


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