Festival season: Jumpsuits

Obviously with it now being festival season, I think one of the most effortless pieces which you can wear to a festival is a romper/jumpsuit/playsuit. There are many names for a ‘romper’ and I just refer to them as jumpsuits. Firstly, they are great because they aren’t a skirt or a dress although they sometimes tend to look like one, when you know your going to be dancing around all day/weekend you want to be comfortable and not have to worry about a skirt/dress rising or being too short etc. That being said they usually are very comfortable obviously depending on the size and fit you go for.

Jumpsuits come in many patterns/colours/styles to suit absolutely everyone. H&M are selling some really cute affordable ones at the moment in loads of different colours and patterns. I think jumpsuits are really flattering on every size because they pull you in at the waist, well most do anyway, the denim ones are usually worn as overalls. I especially love patterned ones like the first picture but also black and white ones with lace detailing which also work great as a night out outfit which I have worn myself.

If you are going to any festivals this year like Wireless etc and are stuck in a rut about what to possible wear then I suggest you start looking for one of these beauties, they work every time and look great with jackets and cardigans/jumpers layered over them. I think they look really cute with wellies and socks too which is what a lot of girls tend to wear at festivals. Here is some inspiration:

jumpsuit2 jumpsuit jumpsuit1jumpsuit3

jumpsuit4 jumpsuit5 jumpsuit6 jumpsuit7


I will be doing a post also on the hottest accessories to wear this summer, so keep an eye out for that!

Jess Penfold

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