The hottest summer accessory!

These sunglasses have to probably be the coolest sunglasses to exist, in my opinion of course. Mirrored sunglasses come in all styles/shapes/sizes which is what makes them so likeable and versatile to suit everyones taste. I think the most popular sunglasses of this kind has to be the Ray Ban aviators which have really taken off in popularity this year and not only that but they come in different colours too like orange, green, blue, gold and silver. It just makes average sunglasses seem so boring compared to these beauties. Whenever I see a blogger, or a celebrity, wearing these they just completely transform an outfit and look very stylish too.

If you like the look of these and want to get your hands on a pair but like myself wouldn’t splash the cash on a Ray Ban pair or other brands even more expensive because you couldn’t trust yourself not to break them, then there are loads of alternatives which high street stores have started selling thankfully. My particular favourites are the ‘club masters’ and ‘aviator’ styles.

mirror mirror1 mirror2 mirror3 mirror4


Here are some really cool affordable ones which I found which should be available to everyone:
mirror6Asos own brand: £12

mirror7Asos silver aviators: £10

mirror8Asos round sunglasses

mirror9These have to be my favourite. Also from ASOS but on sale too! They look just like the Ray ban ones and for £8 you can’t go wrong!

(Images from google and

Jess Penfold


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