Back from the summer!

Hello! It’s officially Autumn!
Hope you all had a lovely summer break!
As you can see, we’ve kind of changed the blog a bit. (New URL, new name, new header) DON’T PANIC, JESS IS STILL PART OF THE BLOG! The blog wouldn’t be the same without my beautiful blonde!

Sadly, Jess won’t be able to do many photo-shoots anymore and with the pressure of uni becoming even more, I doubt that I will be able to do many either and if I do, they will be located in our uni (how classy and exciting, I know).

Both me and Jess will still be posting on the blog (probably not as frequent as we used to, sorry, uni is currently taking over our lives!) But we’ve also added a new blogger! I’d like to introduce you all to Grace Faulkner who will be doing a hair section on our blog! She’ll be filling you in with different hairstyles and giving you tips on hair products. She also works for a salon (so you can trust the info she will provide) and she’s also on our Journalism course so again, she will try to be posting as frequently as she can too.

Thank you for everyone who has supported us till now. We honestly appreciate every single one of you and hope that your support can lead us to a bigger success.

Lola xx

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