Highst Magazine Shoot

As part of one of our assignments this year at uni (university), we are set a magazine project where in groups we have to create a magazine from scratch. Being the editors, me and Jess had a lot to sort out, but doing a photoshoot was what I was excited about the most.

My mum has always told me that I will never be able to succeed in the working world because I have such a dominating character that if I’m not in charge, I struggle working with people. I guess in some ways I agree. I can work well in a team but I prefer being in charge. I know exactly what I want. I can visualise things well. Once I can see what I’m aiming for, I can get others in the team to help me achieve it. It sounds pretty selfish but its how I work best. I guess in the future I will sometimes struggle but my aim is to be in charge and I’m willing to work for that.

Other than being in charge of the magazine, I also wanted to be in charge of the styling. Even though I study journalism, styling is my passion. I may not be able to dress well myself because I have no income and I’m surviving on student loans and therefore I’m being held back from the many outfits that I would buy. Nevertheless, I do know what looks good on others. I’m a newbie. I only discovered recently that this is what I want to do, so I am trying and this project was my first attempt.

Before I show you the photos, I want you all to know that the magazine we are creating is called Highst and it’s a strictly high street based magazine. I noticed this gap in the market years ago. I sometimes spend my lunch money on magazines instead so I’ve examined plenty of magazines. There are some magazines that are trashy, and others who are very high end. There are also those in-between who are trying to push themselves up. These are the magazines that have readers who can’t afford designer wear yet they continue to create pages and pages of expensive clothing. WHY CAN’T THEY STICK TO THEIR READER’S BUDGET?! So that’s how the idea came about. Therefore, when shopping for the outfits, I kept it all to high street. Another point, we wanted to go for a minimalistic winter look so we decided not to have any accessories other than a bag in one shoot (the bag was Michael Kors but we had to flip it over so the brand wasn’t showing as it’s not high street. It was a last minute decision on set). 

I hope you all enjoy the photos from the shoot. I’ve included some behind the scenes ones as well. We had two photographers (Abdulrahman Salih and Emily Williams) on set shooting the model and then we had a couple of photographers (Michelle Sibert and Zoe Beer) shooting behind the scenes. Me and Jess did the hair and make-up so everything was basically low budget but we are very proud of how the photos came out. I would also like to thank our model Ena Bilobrk for spending her day off and coming to the studio for us. She was under a lot of pressure with everyone there on the set watching and the heat from the lights were suffocating her. I would also like to thank everyone on the Highst team who came and supported the shoot, and the photographers who also spent their time trying to get the shots we visualised.

crewThe Highst team with our model (left to right): Zoe Beer, Lyubomira Ivanova, Lola Ameri, Ena Bilobrk, Jessica Penfold, Nicole Goldman, Emily Williams.

Love, Lola x


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