The Serena Vanderwoodsen

This first look was inspired by Gossip Girl’s Serena Vanderwoodsen. In my opinion she had such a feminine, edgy yet sophisticated style. She always dressed right for every occasion. Her casual looks were always very chilled with knee high boots and scarves. Her party looks were always sexy and glamourous. Whatever she wore, she always looked so good! So I decided to create a look that Serena would wear if she was a real character following the trends today. The camel coat is the signature piece of the look as camel is a key colour this season. The leather shorts add to the edginess to give the look a bit of an attitude. Because the coat is so long, I decided to a bit more skin should be shown. I adore the colour of the shirt as it sits perfectly with the camel brown. We experimented with two different shoes. The faux pony fur boots are for more of a day look whereas the court heels dress up the outfit a bit more.

Details of the outfit:
Camel Coat: Topshop
Green Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Leather Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Faux Pony Fur Chelsea Boots: Urban Outfitters
Black Court Heels: Zara

Model: Ena Bilobrk
Hair and Make-up: Lola Ameri and Jessica Penfold
Styled By: Lola Ameri

Photos by Emily Williams

Photos by Abdulrahman Salih 

10 9Photos by Zoe Beer

Love, Lola x


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