Sundays are made for simple things like cute coffee shops and brunch dates. Reading and struggling up. Comfort food and movies. 

These simple things are some of my favourites but I usually hate Sundays. They’re usually depressing. This Sunday though I went for brunch to my local Bill’s restaurant (it’s one of my faves). 

(This is me looking grumpy because I’m not a morning person until it’s no longer morning.)   

  • Hat- Pretty Little Thing
  • Sunnies- Prada
  • Scarf (practically a blanket)- Asos
  • Top- Primark
  • Leggings- H&M
  • Bag- Primark
  • Shoes- H&M

Scoffed down all the pancakes on my plate and still felt hungry. 

I often wonder what couples do on Sundays. I’m so used to spending Sundays in either a coffee shop alone, reading away or at home cleaning my room. Olivia Palermo’s husband posts a cute picture of him and his wife every Sunday captioning it “Sundays”. I guess that’s their favourite day? But honestly, what do couples do on a Sunday? Everywhere closes early. The weather is usually shit. People either have work or studies the day after. It’s such a pointless day. 

I don’t even know why I’m wondering or posting this. I guess this is what my friend Yas would call “toilet thoughts”, even though I’m on my bed looking like the grinch with this face mask. 

It’s Sunday. I should go back to listening to music and cleaning my room.


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