Let’s Attempt To Start This Again!

Hello everyone!

Ok, before you scroll past all of this and click on the video, can you just read this quickly! ( I put it into bullet-points because I know how lazy some of you can be) 

  • I’m trying to start v-logging again!
  • When you watch the video, you’ll realise how crap I am at v-logging.
  • I don’t have Final Cut Pro so I had to edit with iMovies which is why it’s pretty crap.
  • I constantly have a blocked nose/cold so my voice sounds crap.
  • I’ve been saying crap too much. Sorry.
  • My camera’s quality isn’t great, I know, but hopefully, one day when money starts growing on trees, I’ll be able to purchase a better camera for videos and a mic.
  • Throughout the video I play around with my voice, I am aware I am doing that. Don’t think it’s an accident. I was making myself laugh.
  • I am not attempting to become a YouTube star. I’m only planning to v-log when I can without fame being the aim.

Lola x


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