Focus on the beautiful


I’ve been addicted to Tumblr since I was 16 years old (at least I think that’s how long I’ve had Tumblr for) and I tend to find myself scrolling through the app before I sleep…well, sometimes I end up forgetting to sleep and continue to reblog and scroll for hours. I want to share some of my favourite posts that I come across on here (so remember, none of these photos are mine unless stated otherwise). I could just link you all to my Tumblr but I don’t reblog the things that mean something to me. I like them instead and on Tumblr, other users can’t see your liked posts.

This post made me realise how blind I am to the things in my life. I sit and complain about what’s wrong and what I wish I had, I hardly think of the things I DO have. After seeing this post, I’ve decided to think of at least 3 things everyday in my life that are beautiful and appreciate them. It could little things like the changing colours of Autumn leaves, as long as I focus my energy on those things rather than the downfalls in my life, I am one step closer to a positive mind. You guys should try it out!

Lola x


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