Blue Jeans ▲ White Shirt ▲ 70s

With all these attacks and killings going on in the world right now, it felt bad posting anything. Nothing felt right to post and instead I’ve been feeling unsafe everywhere I go. But I thought it’s time to post these photos before the Winter weather approaches since we took them in early Autumn (yes, I know, I’m always late with posting blog photos).

P.S. I have this condition called ‘crow-hands’ where my hands don’t know what to do with themselves in photos so they just kinda hang around in a lifeless manner.
IMG_8874 copy copy

IMG_8879 copy copy
IMG_8883 copy
IMG_8889 copy
IMG_8891 copy
IMG_8893 copy
IMG_8898 copy copy
IMG_8905 copy
IMG_8924 copy
IMG_8937 copy
IMG_8947 copy
IMG_8967 copy
IMG_8973 copy

My leg looks broken.

My leg looks broken.

IMG_9031 copy

That moment you realise you forgot to paint your nails.

IMG_9047 copy
IMG_9080 copy
IMG_9092 copy
IMG_9104 copy
IMG_9108 copy
IMG_9121 copy
IMG_9122 copy

Details of the necklace and the jeans.

Details of the necklace and the jeans.

Maybe she's barn with it, maybe its neighbelline.

Maybe she’s barn with it, maybe its Neighbelline.

IMG_9263 copy
IMG_9266 copy
IMG_9314 copy
IMG_9328 copy
IMG_9360 copy
IMG_9366 copy
IMG_9486 copy

Looks like I'm dancing, no?

About to break out into some serious Persian dance moves.

Outfit Details: 

  • Blouse: Topshop
  • Jeans: New Look
  • Shoes: Public Desire
  • Hat: Asos
  • Watch: Urban Outfitters
  • Necklace: Asos
  • Bag: Primark

Photos by: Ava Cheraghi

Instagram: @loladelrey_
Twitter: @loladelrey

Lola x

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