My 3 AMA Slay Queens

3 young women SLAYED  this years American Music Awards. For the first time ever I had my fave 3 picked out as soon as I saw them. Probably because they stood out so beautifully. Here’s my top 3 queens (notice how I used the number three, three times in that paragraph because I’m cool like that): 


My favourite colour. I could wear that outfit everyday. I love the contrast of baby pink and popping pink put together. She also did her own make-up. What a babe. I love everything about this girl. She’s so inspiring and I love the messages she sends out to her little girl fans and other women to always love themselves for who they are.

2.Gigi Hadid

I just love everything about the Hadids. They’ve got some good genes that family, goooooood genes👏🏼

Jealous of those boobs.

3.Selena Gomez

Baby’s all grown up into a fierce woman. That shade of red is just perfect. TBH she sort of looks like a fierce dragon ready to slay some b*tches. I love the strapped heels and make up. Her hair is my dream. I long for the day where I can afford a hair stylist to give me dead straight hair like that (curly hair girl fantasies).

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