Stressed Burrito 

This is me right now. Burrito Lola. 

I’m at that point where my anxiety is making me feel sick. Sick to the point of throwing up. I’m stressed, constantly anxious and right now, avoiding all responsibilities whilst I listen to old Persian music on repeat (Dariush- Cheshme man)

This also explains my lack of posts on the blog. I hope y’all understand. 

I know anxiety is something a lot of people joke about but it’s a really big struggle for me. I’m all about talking to strangers in coffee shops but for some reason, as soon as I’m told to ring the dentist to an appointment, I panic. I sweat and start thinking of what to say and when I hear the beeping tone, my throat clogs up and I forget what I’m even ringing for. I get this same feeling when I have to go to uni. I FORCE myself out of bed. The walk to the station is depressing. The journey on the train is depressing. It’s all depressing. The walk to my class is the worst. I begin to sweat and get nervous and tell myself that I still have time to turn around and walk back. 

I hate uni. 

What am I going to do if I end up at a job I don’t enjoy? It’s going to be a similar case to my current situation with my course. I pray my anxiety dies this year when my degree is over as I can’t continue like this forever.

We shall see if burrito Lola pops up again in the future when she’s a working burrito. 

Lola X

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