The Yas And Lola Show

Hi everyone!

Haven’t been active on here in a while due to the immense amount of uni work I’ve had to do. It’s nearly the end of the first semester which means I can share with you all, what I’ve been up to at uni.

As part of my final journalism project, me and my beautiful friend Yas created a podcast show. For our assignment we produced two 10 min podcasts. One is a general chit chat, the other is an interview with a TV production student. That’s already up on our Soundcloud. If you’re interested in us discussing documentaries and pornos, listen to that!

The general chit-chat podcast is also up on our Soundcloud which Yas edited from an hour to 11/12 minutes that took her forever. The footage was an hour long video (we talked forever) which I edited down to 5 minutes so please do watch as it took me ages to edit! (I am quite proud of it though) Leave us comments and let us know what you think and whether you’d like us to do more podcasts or videos.


Lola x


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