A Year of Surprises

It’s funny how a couple of weeks ago I was telling Stefan that I wouldn’t know what my reaction to a surprise would be because as far as I know, I’ve never been surprised. I mean surprised in a good way.

As soon as that conversation happened, I was surprised for the first time and nearly fell down the stairs when Stefan showed up at my door (he was supposed to be in Nice) and gave me this really cute unicorn (he’s called Wishful). Even though my year started off with me catching a virus and spending the majority of my holidays in bed, I was hopeful that 2016 will be a good year.

I spent my birthday having lunch with my mum and buying donuts for my Donut Tower (I wasn’t feeling cake this year). And enjoying the rest of the evening around my family eating baghali polo which is one of my favourite dishes.  

I’m not someone who takes their birthday as a big deal. I usually go out for a meal with a friend(s) and that would be it. I don’t expect gifts because I prefer it when someone sees something that reminds them of me and buys it for me rather than forced to buy something due to an occasion. Same reason as to why I don’t buy birthday and Christmas presents.

As a kid I would always have a party on my birthday. The most special one was my 5th birthday which was the last time I ever got to celebrate my birthday in Iran as we left for the UK the next day. As I grew up, the parties became smaller, there were less invitations and fewer presents. I didn’t mind. I just ajusted to the situation. After all, birthdays and parties are expensive and no-one around me sh*ts money so I had no expectations.

I think it was when I turned 16 that I realised why I don’t like celebrating my birthday. All the previous points aside, I hate growing up. Birthdays mean an extra year added to your life and others, therefore an extra year closer to death. I know this is a very depressing way of thinking but I genuinely fear getting old.

This year however, I enjoyed turning 22 thanks to all the people around me. I have a small circle of people I consider my friends and some of them really made me feel really blessed.

Mastahn organised a night out for my birthday, which I thought was going to be a dinner date and then heading to a salsa bar with a couple of my other friends. She arrived late in her ‘Ferrari’ which had already made the hungry Lola very hAngry. I even sat in her car looking completely pissed off and telling her to just take me to a McDonalds drive thru instead. But she insisted we’ll have time and drove us to the restaurant anyway (ignoring all the speed bumps along the way).

When we got there I was surprised by a group of friends who I was expecting to join us and if my make up wasn’t freshly done, I would’ve cried. Her mum also made me a huge cake which was a beautiful surprise. Aria came all the way from Coventry which was so sweet of him. And thanks to all of them, I had a lovely night surrounded by good people that I’m grateful for.

 (Only 1 of the 2s survived the night) 

The third surprise was probably one I would have never thought of. I received a package a couple of days before my actual birthday but I left it on my desk for later. I forgot about it till I saw it again a few days after my birthday. I thought it was one of the items I had ordered of Amazon. I opened it up to find a Lokai bracelet. I was confused as f*ck. I kept thinking “I didn’t order this, did I? Is this what memory loss feels like?” I wore it anyway and was about to throw the packaging away when I noticed the receipt inside. “Oh I should shred this since it probably has my address on it. Still don’t remember ordering this.” As I was taking it out, I noticed Nooshin’s email at the top of the page. “Omg someone is using her account to order stuff. I should tell her. Wait, how would the hacker know my address?” Further down there was a Happy Birthday note from Noosh which answered all of my questions haha! She had sent me the bracelet as a birthday present! It sucks when two of your best friends live in Canada and you can’t be there for each other’s birthdays but they’re always with me in my heart. The bracelet itself has such a lovely meaning but it’s now also a symbol that Noosh is with me wherever I go.  So my 2015 ended with a surprise and my 2016 began with many. A gut feeling tells me this will be a year of surprises. If it’s good surprises, I’ll cherish them and if it’s bad then I’ll learn from them.

Thank you to my family and all my beautiful friends. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

Lola x


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