You’re My Home.

Sometimes, some people come into your life and make you feel at ease when you’re with them. It’s almost as if they’re the right dose of painkiller the doctor needed to prescribe.

You’re like a faded shadow in my life now. I still get angry at you, I used to shout at you, you hurt me, you ignore me, you left me. Yet it seems when I’m stressed and in need of an escape, you are the first thought to enter my mind.

I probably don’t cross your mind as often as I’d like to think I do, but you’re lying in the bed of my subconscious. Sometimes I find you jumping on the pillows of my thoughts. We both know you’ve over stayed your welcome but even when you’re out of sight, I manage to find you at the end of the day, hidden away in a corner.

When my mind becomes a dark and empty place, you’re the only light I find. I follow and find you lying there, ready for me to seek the warmth of your arms. Comfort is found right there, in your arms. Visiting that place in my mind is the only thing that’s holding my ego in place.

I could easily send you a message, and a few times I have, but I feel like every time I do, I’m feeding your ego with parts of my own. You hurt me a lot but instead of clinging onto the green hills of grudge, I’d rather roll down and stumble into you.

Your soft lips cushion my dreams, where I find myself in your arms again. I have always said that home isn’t a fixated place for me, as I have found a piece of it in various cities and in beautiful people I love. I think I’ve also found it in you.

And each day, I long to come home again.

Lola x


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