Summer Songs I would Listen to Cruising down route 66

I don’t live in America so we don’t even have Route 66 here. I have a license but no car so what is the point of this post? I don’t actually know.

However, if I did have a car, ideally an old school Cadillac convertible in baby pink, these are the tunes I would be jammin’ to on a road trip. I can see myself 20 years from now, in a pink Cadillac with my kids, getting ready to go on a road trip and playing the songs from this post. My kids will probably throw my phone out and plug in their own music after the first couple of songs.

So here’s a playlist of my car jams. There’s also a couple of Persian, Turkish and Arabic songs in there as well because I listen to a variety of artists. You can follow the playlist and stay updated when I add more to it.

Lola x


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