Look what arrived in the post!

Hey y’all remember I posted about Chanakira? The awesome pop art meets anime graphic designer?

WELL, I just received a gift from her in the post and honestly, I’m in love with the brand even more than before. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the packaging and the amazing quality of the products.

The box (which sadly got kinda squished in the post) has her brand’s logo and colour scheme printed on it. Immediately, my mum and I were like “oooooo how fancy”. Once I opened it up, her card was placed on the tissue paper covering up the case. Can I just say, the quality of her business card is unbelievable. I thought my card was smooth, matted out and rock solid but damn Chanakira’s beats mine.

The case is even better than I thought. It has the same smoothness of her card. It’s matt all over and to be completely honest, I just want to rub it all over my face for some reason. I wish I was given a case like this two years ago when I first purchased the iPhone 6, then maybe it wouldn’t have this many scratches on it. You know, whilst I was writing this, this whole time, I thought there was only one phone case in the box. It wasn’t until I placed it out for a picture that I noticed another case underneath it. IT HAS PEBBELS ON IT. My favourite Flinstones character. Yes, I know she hardly did anything but she was so darn cute! This case is clear with a more flexible texture. It’s softer than the other case but it covers all the corners of my phone so it’s still providing the protection your phone needs.

I have very little respect for bloggers and ‘Insta-famous’ people who promote products they don’t believe in. Half of these bloggers are just in it for the money or just to get their name out there. They will be sitting a mile away from their so called ‘favourite skinny tea’ and talking about how much they love it. Darling, we all know it’s lieeeeees. Your mug has been empty in every picture. So I’ve always told myself, if I ever reach that stage where I’m asked to promote something, I won’t do it if I don’t like the product.

The point I’m trying to make is, if you’re looking for a unique, high quality case for your phone or iPad etc or even a gift, then Chanakira is the brand for you. I think she’s going to start selling her items soon so I would definitely follow her on Instagram to stay updated.

I’d like to thank Chanakira for the coolest gifts ever. I can’t wait to show them off and have people asking me where they’re from. I see a blessed and bright future for this brand and I’m glad I was asked to take part in helping it grow.

Karen Chanakira’s contact details: 

Instagram: @Chanakirasan


Email: chanakira@outlook.com

Yah there’s a lot of cables in my room. PJ vest is from Primark.

Lola x


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