How To Avoid The Sales

As you’re all aware, I’m still unemployed and looking for a job. Tell us something we don’t know Lola.



Yes, even with three previous retail experiences, it’s still proven to be difficult to find a job. Whether I’m looking in media or retail, I’ve just had no luck. For now I’ve been forced to dip my fingers into my small savings. You could say “well stop going out”. WELL, I could but I can’t. Although I’m an introvert, I can’t stay at home for more than a day. It drives me crazy and I end up being a couch potato instead of doing something productive like maybe updating this blog?? Stupid Lola. Even if I don’t eat out or buy anything travel alone costs money. Sitting in my local Starbucks also requires me to buy something otherwise I’ll be asked to leave. The weather isn’t nice enough to go on a simple walk. Also, I hardly even had a social life this year because of uni so I feel like I deserve to spend some time as a social butterfly again even though that’s costing me the most.

Me right now. (

Me right now. (

So as you can imagine, this broke life is a real joy. It’s sale season now and I walk past stores feeling like the poor immigrant I was back in the day who used to watch other kids play with their toys, whilst my parents had to save up to buy a duvet. Thats one depressing story I’ll be saving for another time.



God has really been testing my patience for about a year now. I would love to say that because I’m living with family, I can rely on them but honestly my family is struggling more than I am. I don’t really like to talk much about the state of which my family is in or whatever so I’ll just leave it at that. People on the outside can judge all they want but no one really knows what’s going on unless they’re on the inside. Yes I am blessed to still have a roof over my head and for my mum to do my laundry but man the financial struggle is REAL. There are a lot of other people who have it worse, so I should be thankful, remain patient, focused and positive. After all, we’re all bound to come across challenges in our lives.

One of the struggles during this period, as a shopaholic, is avoiding the urge to spend. Especially now with the summer sales hitting the stores. They seem to be better this year. Great. I’ve managed to prevent myself from buying anything in the sales so I thought I should pass on my skills to my fellow ‘broke life’ peeps out there.

Found yourself in a shopping centre?:

– You’re allowed to step in and have a browse, but just remember that if you do walk in, there’s a higher chance of you falling in love with something and finding it difficult to part with it.
– You make a QUICK 30 seconds browse of the store, just enough to smell the sale. That’s it. No going through each rail for an hour. You’re not shopping, you’re just observing.
– If you didn’t listen to the previous points above and you’re now heading towards the queue to pay, go through these following points first:

  • Can I wear it with more than 3 items in my closet?
  • Is it something I’ll definitely wear next summer again?
  • Does it go well with my body shape or my skin tone or my general style?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Do I really NEED it?
  • Can I live without it?
  • Could I actually use this money for travel or to spend bit by bit when I see friends?
  • If I pay for this and then I have no money for going out then when will I even have the opportunity to wear it?

– Remind yourself that if you leave all the stuff you’ve picked up in the store and walk out, you’re actually proving how strong you are. You’re actually providing more work for the sales assistants to clean up so putting them back where you found them would be great.
– You’re allowed to shed a tear or two.
– Just think about how you’ll be in a better financial position for next year’s sales so you’re just saving yourself for the following year.
– Repeat these steps in all the stores you enter.



Found yourself browsing the sales online?:

– A lot of these urges come from those bloody ‘sale alert’ emails so try to block them from entering your inbox again.
– If you see sale signs on social media, scroll past as fast as you can.
– Again, you’re allowed to browse online as long as you’re just browsing.
– Don’t bother even adjusting the search results to match your size and budget because you’re not planning to buy anything, remember???
– Whilst you’re browsing, take loads of breaks and watch a movie. This way your mind isn’t constantly wondering about the bargain deals and whether or not you should buy it.
– Be harsh on yourself. Tell yourself that it looks good on the model online but wouldn’t look good on you even though deep down we both know you can rock anything.
– If you are weak and find items sitting nicely in your bag, remind yourself of the same key questions you should ask yourself when queuing (listed above).
– Randomly close the tab ‘by accident’ and tell yourself you’re not bothered to go through all of that to find the items again.
– Tell yourself you’re benefitting more from your Netflix subscription than an item of clothing or accessory. So pop on a movie and distract yourself.
– Do what I like to do and take a screenshots of the items and tell yourself when you’re rich one day, you’ll get your personal tailor to make an exact replica for you.

I hope all these tips helped. Maybe next year I’ll be rolling around in money and writing a post on how to shop recklessly during sale season. If you are out there buying things in the sale then screw you. Only joking! No, really I hope you don’t find anything in your size.

Lola x


Street style!


As I just recently done a post on ‘ways to wear black this summer’ this street style immediately caught my eye. I love everything about the whole look, everything is so classy. I love the way she has decided to do a fish tail braid in her hair which is slightly messy and contrasts with the clean, classy look. The oversized boxy bag from Zara looks great alongside this dress from ASOS. The boots are also from Zara and give a very ‘made in chelsea’ look to the outfit. This outfit is a perfect example of one I would wear myself as I love to keep everything simple and this outfit also proves there are many ways to wear black in summer.

IMG_0185Jess Penfold



Top 7 trends for spring!

Yes, its very cliché but I am loving some of the trends at the moment and so thought I would share!

                                                             1. Oversized boyfriend jackets/blazers:
This is one of the most popular trends and one of my favourites, the oversized jackets/blazers add style and warmth to any outfit. Quite masculine but brands are catering to women by making them in pastel colours and lighter shades, score! Varying in length and style, thickness and fabric, these are the hottest thing to have at the moment!


2. Holographic accessories:
Hologram is everywhere! From shoes to bags and jewellery, anything that can be made out of the hologram material will be, I’m all for this trend! Very 90’s esque. Not only do they look extremely cool once on, there are loads of different styles to suit everyone.


3. Lingerie pieces:
Outside of the bedroom? Yes. Brands are going crazy with lingerie style dresses and skirts which can add a look of femininity to any outfit, whilst looking incredibly sultry without over doing it. These are great layering pieces whilst its still chilly outside, jumpers look amazing on top of these with the lace showing underneath.

4. Slip-on trainers:
Céline inspired many brands to bring back the comfy slip on trainers, I suddenly forgot what heels were once I discovered these. From suede to faux fur and leather, these babies come in all different materials and platform heights to suit everyone! They are extremely comfortable and look amazing on days when you want to look casual but also make some effort.
slip ons

5. Beanies
Whilst we are transitioning into spring, beanies become our best friends in the chilly weather! The whole ‘I-stole-my-boyfriend’s’ wardrobe trend is working, coming in almost every colour and pattern being very affordable. Beanies can compliment just about any outfit, also concealing a bad hair day.

6. Platform boots
Bringing back the 90’s era! Platform boots are everywhere,  with styles from boots to sandals, a trend that is sure to continue into summer. Not only are they extremely comfortable but also add height. I’m obsessed with these boots and had many compliments when i’ve worn mine out, many brands are catering to this trend but a very popular one is Vagabonds.
platform boots

7. Ripped jeans: 
‘No I didn’t just fall over and rip my jeans, they are meant to look like that’. Whether you like skinny jeans or the baggy boyfriend type (Yes, that trend again) there is a pair of ripped jeans out there for you. Rips can range from small slits on the knee to full on rips as if I just fell over and didn’t bother to change.

ripped jeans

Any other trends your loving for spring?

– Jessica Penfold